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Product description

Towels are a very important part of any home or kit bag to wipe off water or sweat effectively. With moisture and sweat comes various types of bacteria, which is the reason for foul smelling towels. Moreover, Roughness in used towels causes skin irritation. Bamboo fiber being soft and anti-bacterial, doesn’t irritate the skin. It absorbs water 3-4 times faster than cotton & micro fiber and also dries faster than other towels with similar GSM. Our aim is to provide high-quality products that are safe and made using natural materials for the utmost comfort.

It is made of bamboo yarn, extraordinary smooth and super soft. High water absorbent. High groscopic and air permeable. Naturally antibacterial and Eco-friendly Quick dry. Bamboo is a cellulosic fiber derived from the pulp of bamboo plants (Bambusoideae).Bamboo fiber is naturally organic- it is grown without pesticides or fertilizers. 99.9% customers who have bought this item are satisfied using it .We have a flexible return policy: if you are not satisfied with the product, we are willing to replace it, if the product is in good sellable condition and is in original packaging. We are responsible for any manufacturing defect and in such case the product will be replaced immediately.

Additional information

Dimensions 75 × 150 cm


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