Ideas to Style your Own Office

‘Work from home’ has become an ideal space for work schedule since the outbreak of Coronavirus. A majority of companies in India have made it mandatory to operate the work from home environment to curb the spread of the virus. Since this switch, employees have been enjoying this new normal of working independently, on their own schedules, and in their own space. However, when we try to look at the bigger picture, some days it can be hard to find the motivation to get to work. It is because of the comfort and the lethargy that we are used to around our home environment.

Here are some of the ideas which can help you to style your own ‘WFH’ office –

  1. Location – A comfortable space can help you to focus on work. Choose a location in any part of your home where there are no traffic disturbances. You are likely to spend more hours in your new setup, so you might have to choose a place which would not be a common area where the rest of the family can come and play hide & seek with you. For instance, the guest room could be of use now.
  • Choice of Color – In a minimalistic office space requires a pop of color which will help you to motivate to work more. A strong & bright color would make the room lighten up which will inspire you to work when you feel low. Adding a bright wall color or wallpaper, and a desk chair can be put into consideration.

Try this floral wallpaper, one of the best designs for home office which will give a vibrant look in the room and make the environment feel very calm & lively to work. Visit to buy this wallpaper.

  • Comfy Chairs – You need a comfortable seating arrangement when you spend hours and hours at work. Working from home has no fixed time schedule, so you need to have an understanding that spending money for a comfortable chair would make every penny worth it.

    This chair from Aavaran Home+ suits well for the work from home setup. It is a very plush looking off white & blue colored chair which has a neck support cushion, with classic royal touch upholstery. Visit to know more about this chair.
  • Coordinate Curtains – Pick a few vibrant colored curtains to incorporate the tone of the room, throughout your workspace. If you have a white wall, opt for this yellow curtain to uplift your mood when you are working. Yellow stimulates productivity, which will warm your mood to work more.
  • Let The Light Pass – Your home work space should have plenty of light to pass so that there are no eye strain or headaches while you are working. Harsh lighting can cause stress for the eyes. Place your computer in such a place so that there is no overhead lighting. Place a lamp in the corner instead of the table; it will create a cohesive space which would make the table décor look better.

These are few of the best ideas to style your work from home office for maximum productivity. Always try to maintain to keep your work space clean and simple, whether it be at home or office premises.

After reading this blog, please do share your views or comment down on the ones you are likely to use in your own home office.