A small step of yours may bring endless joy in someone else’s Diwali.
Tell us what step you are taking.

The Festival of Diyas

Celebrate Diwali with earthen lamps – the traditional way of lighting homes and lives for centuries. The eco-friendly items need support and patronage from people who can switch to a low-decibel and energy-saver Diwali – without crackers and power, without decorative lights and noise-makers. Illuminate your world with oil-based lamps – another step towards self-reliant India. Spread love, care and share goodness as the festival of Diwali teaches us to bond with others. Your small contribution can make the festive occasion special and heart-warming for all.   

Diwali in purest & truly Indian Way

Illuminate your world with traditional celebration this Diwali. Brighten up your mind with the awareness that Diwali is a festive occasion to empower other people, to create opportunities for people around you. Think of the seller of earthen lamps in the neighbourhood. For years, she upholds the tradition of selling what is produced by the less privileged people. Think about your childhood days when the home was lit up with diyas alone. Isn’t it your moral duty to help her survive and keep the tradition alive? Diwali is a traditional celebration going on for centuries. When you buy earthen lamps, you help her and the people involved in their making. A small but valuable step to make them self-reliant, to realise the dream of Aatmnirbhar Bharat.

Diya dispels evil and ignorance

Light diyas as it is a harbinger of hope and happiness, a symbol of knowledge and purity. Celebrate Diwali with rows of diyas – and observe the divine power that resides so humbly in the earthen lamp. Now is the time to be down to earth. The flickering lamp dispels evil and ignorance – to shape us with perfection, to make us seekers of peace within. Diya and Baati represent the five elements. When we light the oil lamp on Diwali, it symbolically represents the universe at our doorstep.

Joyous Celebration

A small contribution makes a world of difference and brings a smile on the face. The capacity to care for others and share happiness makes us feel better. On Diwali, this is exactly the emotion that lights up our hearts and we want to make the entire world feel happy just like we are. Nothing stops from doing good and from being good. Let us light up hope in the lives of people around us. With our small acts of goodness.

Safe Diwali For All

Diwali is all about lights, crackling laughter, and celebration. Fire crackers prevent us from making it safe for others including the elderly people. It is their Diwali too and they also have the right to enjoy the festive occasion – instead of staying locked up inside rooms fearing noise pollution. They also have the right to breathe in clean air instead of inhaling the smoke-filled air because of fire crackers. Sure, we can make it happy for all by staying away from fire crackers and other non eco-friendly items. Let us celebrate with earthen lamps and sweets.